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Saturday 30 May 2020

Why Roma-O-Matic?

Once upon a time there were web directories: websites that collected and cataloged links to other websites.
Once upon a time there were address directories: websites that collected and cataloged lists of addresses.
With the development of more and more advanced search engines, the usefulness of these sites has waned; or so it would seem.

Roma-O-Matic arises from an observation: some information, despite the complex algorithms of artificial intelligence and the immense amount of data in the possession of the giants of the web, are still poorly organized and often difficult to find.
Without considering the problem of "sponsored" information and attempts to grab a few "clicks" or "likes"; phenomenon that leads to always finding the same websites, the same restaurants, the same events, the same current news ... without any added value and letting the web replace our ability to analyze and judge.

Our site tries to answer, in a fast, exhaustive and impartial way, to some simple questions regarding the capital, such as:

- which town hall do I belong to? which ASL do I belong to?
- what are the exits of the Grande Raccordo Anulare?
- tonight I want a plate of Cacio e Pepe; where do they make it around?
- I'm thirsty, where can I find a fountain to drink?
- I'm bored, is there any exhibition, museum or event to visit?
- what happened today in Rome?
- where do I find a "farmer's market" which is now so fashionable?
- how do i get a passport?
Enjoy the reading.
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