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Friday 19 March 2021 18:03

Jabs for the boys

Many of Italy's oldest and most vulnerable have still not been vaccinated, while those who work in the health service – even administrative staff who work from home – have had their jabs.

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Of the over 80s who do not live in residential homes in Italy, more than half have still not been vaccinated. Meanwhile, the majority of those who work for their local health service (ASL), have had their jabs, whether or not they come into contact with patients. Hence, hundreds of thousands of administrative staff, even those working from home, technicians, managers, and employees of companies that have contracts with ASL, are now protected.

Italy is still registering between 350 and 500 deaths a day. Over 61% of the
are over 80 years of age, over 86% over 70.

There is no doubt that the elderly are most at risk. Yet if you’re an elderly Italian, your chance of getting a jab is very much a “postcode lottery”. Lazio, which includes Rome, has vaccinated 66% of its over 80s, and this rises to 80% if those in residential homes are included. That is because they’ve adhered to the categories indicated by the Heath Ministry. However, other regions have vaccinated huge numbers of "non-health personnel" working for their ASL. In Lombardy the figure is 205,000, Campania 176,000 and Tuscany 71,000. In Lazio, it is only 64,000, leaving more vaccines for this most at risk, the over 80s.

Former football legend Enrico Albertosi, one of Italy’s greatest ever goalkeepers, told Repubblica he was furious.

“I’m 82 years old, have heart problems and one kidney. I’ve been shut up at home for a year and wander round the garden terrified I may die. It’s not my doctor’s fault: he only receives one vial a week. I’ve calculated that at this rate I won’t be injected before the summer.”

Albertosi’s problem is that he lives in Tuscany. And doesn't work for his local ASL.



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