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Saturday 10 October 2020
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Exhibition "Raphael Galatea and Psyche" at Villa della Farnesina. Until January 6, 2021.

Until 6 January 2021

On this occasion will be showed the amazing results of the non-invasive analyses on the materials of Raphael's fresco, the Triumph of Galatea carried out by the group coordinated by prof. Sgamellotti and composed by Claudio Seccaroni (ENEA), Chiara Anselmi (IRET-CNR), Michela Azzarelli, Manuela Vagnini (Laboratorio di Diagnostica per i Beni Culturali di Spoleto), Roberto Alberti, Tommaso Frizzi (XGLab-Bruker). Such results were obtained by integrating the knowledge acquired during past restorations with those deriving from the most advanced analyses, both punctual and by images.

During the investigations a pigment known as Egyptian blue, the first man-made blue in the history of art and one of the first non-natural pigments ever, was identified throughout the sky, the sea and even in the eyes of Galatea. Its manufacture dates back to the Egyptians, from whom it takes its name, and its diffusion was extremely wide throughout antiquity up to the Roman Empire, after which its traces are lost.

The extensive use made of it by Raphael excludes the source of archaeological material
found occasionally and rather indicates the artist's precise intention to use the pictorial materials of antiquity, to portray a mythological subject.

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