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Ara Pacis Augustae

Via dell'Ara Pacis - 00186 Rome โคท
Campo Marzio [R.IV]
Centro Storico [1A]

The Ara Pacis Augustae, located on the left of the Tiber, between the river and the Mausoleum of Augustus, was built at the behest of the Senate in commemoration of the victories reported by Augustus in Spain and Gaul.

Inaugurated in 9 a. C. solemnly, the Ara Pacis is a monument of exceptional historical, artistic and archaeological value. It is a marble enclosure, beautifully carved in acanthus scrolls, with scenes depicting Aeneas and the sacrifice to the Penates, Romulus and Remus discovered by the shepherd Faustolo, Augustus at the head of an imperial procession, Rome triumphing over the world, symbolically represented by a goddess surrounded by children, animals, wind and waters.

In 1938 it was moved to today's location and placed in a specially constructed glass and concrete enclosure.

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