Venerdì 12 Giugno 2020
#eat and drink #restaurants

The best X Y in Rome. That is where to eat Y.

We inaugurate with this post the series "the best of".
But we will do it in an unusual way: the title "X" does not mean 10 in Roman numerals ... but it means "unknown", as is used in mathematical notation.

There is no shortage of articles on the internet with titles such as:
"Cacio e pepe: here are the 30 best in Rome"
"Carbonara in Rome, the 8 best places to eat it"
"5 unmissable Amatriciane in Rome"

We asked ourselves, why only 5, 8, 30 or 50? In Rome there are more than 2000 restaurants (see link for the official data of the Lazio Region, not very updated but valid). Of these 2000 we can assume that at least 75% deal with Roman cuisine.

It can be deduced that there are potentially more than 1,500 restaurants and taverns  where you can eat an excellent plate of carbonara rigatoni; because carbonara and amatriciana cannot be missing from a traditional menu.

Difficult to try them all.
Eating carbonara for lunch and dinner would take about two years (and we don't believe we can survive more than 20 days following a similar diet).

Ok, it's fine to point out the 5 best carbonare in Rome ... but you run the risk of missing 5 more even better ones. Because we have scientifically shown that no food critic, food blogger or simply glutton can have tasted them all.

And we believe that losing the 5 best carbonare, best of the 5 best, best of the 5 etc ... is a real affront to (good) taste.

So the idea is as follows: we indicate all the places where you can eat something; because if one day you have the sudden urge to eat a cheese and pepper, it is useful to know where you could find it.

And here we stop: no vote, no review, no "best of Rome".
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