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Thursday 26 November 2020
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The X best Peruvian restaurants in Rome. Where to eat cheviche according to the tradition of an underrated cuisine.

Not many people know, but Peruvian cuisine is one of the most varied in the world, with dishes that can compete with the most famous traditions: Italian, French and Chinese.
The strength of Peru's cuisine derives mainly from the many influences that the country has undergone throughout its history. Three centuries of the Spanish empire, with their African slaves; the French who fled the revolution of 1789; Chinese, Japanese and Italians in the 19th century. Not to mention the ancient Inca influences.
Considering also the particular geographical nature of the country, which extends over the Pacific Ocean but is also bordered by the Andes and the Amazon rainforest, we obtain perhaps the gastronomy that includes the largest quantity of preparations in the world; only along the coast we find at least 2000 types of soups and 200 traditional desserts.
Two key features are the colors and spicy flavors. Not surprisingly, at least 300 species of chilli pepper are currently grown in Peru, including aji amarillo (used almost everywhere, also for its beautiful yellow color) and aji charapita (one of the most expensive). Heritage of the Chinese-Cantonese, many dishes are accompanied by rice.
Other essential ingredients are:
- the potato (there is a World Center for investigations and genetic conservation of the potato ... and it is based in Peru)
- the camote (known by us as American sweet potato)
- yuca (cassava)
- tomato
- plantains (which we sometimes mistake for bananas, but they are less sweet and with more starch, usually cooked before being eaten)
- the corn
- various types of fruit (including chirimuya and lucuma)
- fish (Peru boasts the largest variety of freshwater fish in the world, but is also a major exporter of fish and seafood)
- chicken
But let's move on to the most interesting part ... the dishes !!! At least the most famous ones and those you will find in Peruvian restaurants in Rome.
Cheviche (or cebiche, seviche, sebiche): raw fish and / or seafood marinated in lemon, with the addition of chilli and salt. Optionally red onion, coriander, celery. In Peru, the dish is often served in specialty restaurants, the cevicherie, and has been declared a cultural heritage of the nation. Basically, the non-radical-chic answer to the uncontrolled proliferation of sushi / sashimi / poké.
Pollo a la brasa: simple grilled chicken in our eyes; the difference is made by the seasoning and the cooking process; accompanied by fried potatoes (or plantains), salad and various sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup, chimichurri).
Lomo saltado: a mix of criolla and oriental cuisine; beef cut into strips and stir-fried with onions and peppers. Accompanied by rice. The good version of any beef, cooked with any wok, in any Chinese restaurant.
Papa a la huancaina: boiled potatoes dressed with a sauce made of milk, oil, fresh cheese and yellow chilli. The ingredients create an unexpectedly balanced sauce, particularly appreciated by an Italian palate.
Anticucho: skewers of cow's heart, spiced and cooked on the grill or in a pan. A way to make those who say they hate them eat insides.
Parihuela: soup made from seafood.
Chupe de camarones: prawn-based soup.
Aeropuerto: spiced rice, chicken pieces, spring onions, bean sprouts and pieces of fried egg.
Arroz con mariscos: it is a rice prepared with a sauce based on seafood; reminiscent of Spanish paella.
Helada cake: a cake formed by between layers; a strawberry jelly, a strawberry jelly beaten with milk and a biscuit base.
Crema volteada: it is a spoon dessert, similar to creme caramel, it is prepared with milk, eggs and vanilla.
Pisco: is the national alcoholic drink; comes from the fermentation and distillation of grapes. In Italy, the Pisco sour, a cocktail based on pisco and lime juice is known.
We cannot fail to mention Inka Cola, a carbonated drink, which has the enviable distinction of having exceeded the sales of Coca Cola in the local market.
We are happy to see that, thanks to the presence of a large Peruvian community in Rome, the restaurants of this nation are spreading. For now we count about fifteen, but we are sure they will increase. The characteristics that unite them are almost always:
- a cheerful and colorful environment
- an excellent quality / price ratio
- the presence of a ballroom
- the massive presence of patrons of Peruvian origin
While it is true that choosing an Italian restaurant in New York because it is frequented by Italians is never a good idea, seeing (in Rome) a Peruvian restaurant frequented by Peruvians can be a good clue.

In the links the list of restaurants in Rome where you can find Peruvian cuisine.

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