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Cuttlefish a la roman (Seppie alla romana)

ingredients (4 people)

cuttlefish: 800 grams
garlic: 2 slices
dry white wine: 1 glass
anchovies: 4
minced parsley: 1 spoon
olive oil: 1,5 deciliters


Clean the cuttlefish off the skin, eyes and spines.
Mind that the ink pocket shouldn't be broken.
Beat them to make them softer and chop them into stripes.

Separetely prepare in the earthenware cup the fried garlic with oil.
Before garlic gets bright remove it from the fire and add cuttlefish.
As soon as the browned garlic gets dry, add some wine and fillets of chopped anchovies.

When wine is evaporated salt it and pepper it add a little bit of water and cook it for some other minutes without making the cuttlefish too tough.

Before to serve them spread it with parsley.

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