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Rigatoni with pajata (Rigatoni con la pajata)

ingredients (4 people)

pajata (soft interior of milk veal): 1 kilo
rigatoni: 400 grams
spicy herbs
dry white wine: 1 glass
concentrated tomatoes: 3 spoons


Prepare the pajata cutting it into pieces and binding their ends with a rope forming little rings.

Get brown the meat with minced herbs then water them with a little bit of wine.

When the wine is evaporated add tomatoes.

Mix it up and add some water.
Boil, on low heat and covered container, until fully cooked, for 2 hours.
A thick and tasty sauce will form to season the pasta.

In Lazio rigatoni are used, but also rice.
The risotto is prepared by removing the meat and part of the sauce and adding water or broth to the pot, in addition to the rice.

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